Welcome to JeannineLaRue.com. Everyday we live our lives facing the crossroads of profit versus passion. But do you know why? From my native home New Jersey to points across the globe, I have learned what it takes to excel in my own skin –and I love to share it with everyone I meet.

Our stories…

We all have stories and we all have life mottos. Like many of you, my life stories are a complex series of victories and defeats, but my life motto is simple: ‘There are only two days important in your life…the day you were born and the day you know why.’

I emerged from humble beginnings in a New Jersey farm town to find my place in the world as a public servant for the greater good. My childhood dream was to become a concert pianist and grace the stage with my talents all over the world.

The stage can change…

But, life happened…and both the stage and the music changed. I found my voice in the vast, complicated world of public service ranging from being an elected official, lobbyist, educator, healthcare executive, and government official. My ‘why” was defined through the eyes of  thousands of lives impacted by the policies and programs I established in those organizations, companies, and institutions that became part of my journey over the last 40 years.

So…through my services and writings…I want to share my lessons learned with you. Thank you for stopping by JeannineLaRue.com. Please come back!